About Us

RV Ortopeedia Ltd
reg. 10458881
Liivalao 5, Tallinn, ESTONIA

Phone: +372 56604249

RV Ortopeedia Ltd started its activity in year 1997. The company manufactures high quality footwear from natural leather. All the production is handmade.
Under brand ALPI we are making military boots, work footwear, hiking & hunting boots and custom made lace boots for the fans of alternative culture.
Since 2009 we also started manufacturing historical footwear (shoes for national dress, Viking shoes and medieval shoes).

We manufacture for various target groups. For instance:

Military Structures
Security Companies
Industrial Sector
Fans of alternative culture
Those, who wear historical and ethnographic footwear

OÜ RV Ortopeedia OÜ  Liivalao 5, Tallinn, Eesti Vabariik  Tel. 56604249  www.aipi.ee  ortopeediarv@gmail.com